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Sammy Vasquez Keeps Climbing the Welterweight Ranks

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Sammy Vasquez kept his steady climb up the ranks with a dominating win over Aron Martinez. The fight was stopped when Martinez didn’t come out for round seven. Martinez cited an arm injury but he was dominated for six rounds before refusing to come out.

Vasquez is a native of Pittsburgh and did two tours of duty in Iraq before turning professional. He scored his 21st win  and his 15th knockout. This was the second straight stoppage for Vasquez. The win also puts him into the WBC rankings which made the main event all the more interesting to him.

Danny Garcia defeated Robert Guerrero for the vacant WBC welterweight title and a fight with Garcia, if he keeps the title, could happen soon. No matter what happens Vasquez could be fighting for the title by the end of 2016 or early 2017.

The domination of Martinez was an eye-opener, because Martinez had lost a tight split decision to the aforementioned Guerrero, where he dropped Guerrero, and had defeated former world champion Devon Alexander in his last fight.

That didn’t matter to Vasquez as he used his superior boxing skills to stifle Martinez. Vasquez used his ability to lead the action and combinations to keep the normally active Martinez confused. Vasquez is usually lauded for his offensive skillset but he was also great defensively.

Martinez only landed 35 punches the entire fight and only landed at a 20% clip. Vasquez more than doubled him on lands, 88 landed punches, and out threw him by 133 punches. The fight was all Vasquez and if he didn’t officially bust into the top 10 before this, he has now.

Fans already want to know what’s next and that may be up to the WBC. If Vasquez and his team want to go after the WBC title, they will fight one more fight before getting a title shot. If something else comes along they may take that only time will tell.

No matter what he does next you can rest assured that fans are going to be clamouring to see Sammy “The Who Can Mexican” Vasquez on their television again.

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