Erickson lubin wins again

Blue Chip Prospect Erickson Lubin Remains Undefeated

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Erickson Lubin dominated another opponent and although he didn’t get the big knockout he reached an important milestone in his young career. The 20-year-old Lubin improved his record to 14-0 (10 KO) by battering the tough Jose De Jesus Macias over 10 rounds. It was the first time he went 10 rounds.

He scored a shutout on two cards, 100-89, and won all but one round on the third card, 99-88. He dropped Macias in the fifth but was unable to finish him off. Macias has never been stopped in his career.

Macias kept coming forward throughout the fight but had a hard time coping with the hand speed and combination punching of Lubin. The superior skills of Lubin were evident throughout the fight and he tried to get the stoppage but couldn’t. He had scored knockouts in his last four fights.

He also handled the pressure of fighting in his first television main event very well. He didn’t seem to tire as the fight progressed into the later stages. Lubin said he had trouble with the herky-jerky style of Macias.

He will need to get used to fighting different styles as he climbs the ranks and this fight provided that. Now that he has his first fight of 2016 under his belt what’s next? If he keeps the same schedule as last year a fight within 3 months should be next.

He was very active last year but four of his five fights ended within the first six rounds. Since he was extended the full 10 a bigger rest could be needed this time. There are some interesting options for the 5’11” super welterweight.

No matter what is next the boxing public will be paying attention because “The Hammer” is a prospect not to be missed.

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